Farewell column: This is my hardest goodbye

Emily Broyles, Reporter

This is the last article I’ll ever write for The Appalachian.

And this is my hardest goodbye.

I’ve joked all year to my friends about my farewell, how I would expose truths that reside in Room 217’s Google Docs, the hard-to-work-with counterparts, the condescending emails I’ve woken up to, the struggles. But that’s stupid. Those things didn’t shape me — The Appalachian did. 

When I signed up to be a news reporter the third week of my freshman year, I didn’t realize I signed up for a duty to serve this community. But I am so glad I did.

I’ve written about a lot here: the parking deck that didn’t let me sleep, the Greek life conflicts, the impact marginalized voices have on this PWI, the historic COVID-19 vaccine and so much more. 

A solid 125 articles later, I stopped writing as much as Editor-in-Chief. I don’t regret it. I stepped into the role wide-eyed and proud of a three-year long dream coming true. I’m so happy that dream has come to a remarkable end. Thank you to my staff and iconic adviser, Allison Dyche, for supporting me as the first person, woman of color and Latina Editor-in-Chief. To everyone who acknowledged this, thank you. I will not be the last. 

I write this with a burning nose and stomach butterflies, as I realize I have less than a month left in my little Princess and the Frog (thank you Erin), newspaper-tacked office that’s always filled with people like Xanayra Marin-Lopez, Ansley Puckett, Gabrielle Troutman, Jackie Park, Jake Markland and many more. To my ed-board: You kicked a–. Thanks for putting up with me. We made history. 

I have no idea what my farewell theme is. It’s goodbye, it’s thank you, it’s support student journalists at The Appalachian and everywhere, it’s cherish the community you make here, it’s slow down, it’s be kind, it’s we did it.

It’s don’t underestimate the power of student journalism and the people it creates.

To the bestest friends I’ve cried to since 2018, my loving SGA president boyfriend who was my favorite conflict of interest, my amazing mom and sister: thank you so much for your patience and little pushes. I love you.

And to The Appalachian’s staff, editors, alumni and readers, thank you. 

This is my hardest goodbye.