Playlist of the week: Feel good movies

Maggie Watts, Reporter

There’s something comforting about nostalgic, romantic comedies. Maybe you can quote your favorite scenes by memory without hesitation. Or perhaps these films made you laugh during a stressful time. Whatever the case, it is difficult to forget films like “Love and Basketball,” “The Parent Trap” and “10 Things I Hate About You.” 

These 90s and early 2000s movies are staples in modern pop culture and some childhood memories. For example, Cher Horowitz’s iconic “Ugh, as if” scene in “Clueless” is constantly the subject of memes and T-shirts. Some characters from these films became Halloween costume ideas or inspired signature sounds on TikTok. You may remember these films playing in the background as you spent time with friends or did homework as a kid. 

Watching these films and listening to their soundtracks may provide an escape from the reality of final exams and projects and into the fictional rom-com world of love songs and corny jokes. 

Unwind with your comfort movie, and enjoy these songs by Nat King Cole, ABBA and Billy Joel.