Playlist of the week: In line at Crossroads

Torri Marshall, Reporter

Wake up and smell the coffee beans. It’s the second week back after spring break, and it’s time to kick it into high gear and push through the rest of the semester. Walk to one of the campus coffee shops, like Crossroads, to get your fix. Whether that be a mocha freeze, a subtle iced matcha or a spicy chai, choose whatever will keep you energized for this eventful week. 

As you stand in line to order your cup of heaven, or as you sit at a table and do some homework, enjoy the musical vibe of the coffee shop. Let songs like The Dress by Dijon, HEADSTART by Ritt Momney and Bruce Wayne by Jenna Pemkowski & Memorecks be the background music to keep you focused on your homework grind. Take a breath, take a sip, and enjoy the coffeehouse atmosphere.