Playlist of the week: Love in the mountains

Denise Casalez, Reporter

Red and pink heart decorations, classic assorted chocolate in a heart-shaped box and bright red roses hugging every section of the grocery store can only mean one thing — Valentine’s Day, the season of love, is here. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, the holiday brings a wide variety of emotions. Whether lust, anger, passion or attached, a common way to express or process those feelings is by listening to music. 

Kenna Sipe, senior psychology major, and Kendal Thomas, senior history major, shared their love song and what it meant to them. “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige was one of the first songs Thomas shared in the car for Sipe when they started dating a year ago.

“It reminds me of our relationship and how much we love each other,” Sipe said. 

She said they would always sing and dance together in the kitchen to that song. 

Beca DeVore, senior advertising major, and Maddie Pederson, Coastal Carolina University senior marketing major, both shared “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey because it reminds them of seeing each other in the long term. 

“The lyric, ‘I know you’ll love me,’ captures the meaning of our future,” DeVore said. The couple will celebrate their four year anniversary in April. 

Whether it would be with friends, a partner or alone, there’s a song for everyone to appreciate and celebrate what love means.