State Farm AppalCART routes changing Oct. 29


The Appalachian Online

Moss Brennan, Reporter

The State Farm AppalCART route will run a new route starting Oct. 29.

The route is being changed to address overcrowding on the Blue Route and provide service to the App State Child Development Center, according to AppalCART.

The route will stop at the Peacock Traffic Light and continue to Poplar Grove Road, turning left onto Feids Way and then right onto Bodenheimer Drive. It will proceed through Appalachian Heights’ parking lot and then turn around to go down Bodenheimer Drive to turn right onto Rivers Street towards State Farm lot.

New stops include:

  • ASU Peacock Traffic Light
  • ASU Child Development Center
  • Feids Way
  • Greenwood Lot
  • ASU Living Learning Center
  • ASU Walker Hall/Bodenheimer Dr
  • ASU Schaefer Center

The route will no longer stop at the App State Technology Shelter for safety reasons.

Craig Hughes, director of AppalCART, said in an email that the distance between the technology shelter and Blowing Rock Road is not enough to transition from the right lane to the left lane.

“The traffic volumes and amount of traffic backing up from the stoplight make the transition difficult in the short distance from the ASU Technology stop to Blowing Rock Road,” Hughes said in an email. “Our drivers have been voicing concerns about the maneuver, so we felt now was a good time to make the change.”

More information on the route change can be found on the AppalCART website.

Story by Moss Brennan