Students celebrate multiculturalism with diversity


Molly Flinchum

Students gathered in Plemmons Student Union on Aug. 26 to take part in The Council for Cultural Awareness (CASE) Diversity Photo Shoot.

Students created messages on white boards to communicate their personal meanings of diversity. CASE staff members collected photos of participants to post on social media throughout the day.

Khedema Robert, CASE chairperson, said the council voted to hold this event and was a good start to the semester. Robert hopes “that students will realize that everyone is diverse in his or her own way.”

“Diversity is anything, diversity is everyone,” Roberts said. “It’s important to realize and have an understanding that people are different, and that people come from different backgrounds.”

This is the second annual Diversity Photo Shoot, Case Adviser Jana Vise said.

“CASE is looking for people to understand that diversity is all around us,” she said. “Even if people look alike and have the same skin color, they’re still diverse and we want to celebrate that here at Appalachian’s campus.”

Junior biology major Ian Ratcliff participated in the shoot for the first time in his college career.

“I remember passing the shoot last year,” Ratcliff said. “I didn’t join because I did not necessarily feel ‘diverse.’ Now I understand that the event is for everyone, and for those who want to support all the students on campus.”

Sophomore global studies major Katie Pate agrees.

“These events are the reason why those who feel scared to stick up for other students understand that they can,” Pate said. “At first a lot of students are hesitant and don’t know what they will write on the board- but they figure it out pretty quickly.”

Vise said that CASE will host the event again next year.

Molly Flinchum, Intern A&E Reporter