The Peel meets funds for print publication amid budget cuts

Tucker Wulff, Reporter

Staff of The Peel can finally put down their pens after reaching enough funding to provide a print publication despite budget cuts to App State clubs and organizations.

As of May 1, The Peel, App State’s student literature and arts review, raised approximately $4,300 through GoFundMe.

The Peel began fundraising in an effort to provide the spring print publication despite budget cuts due to COVID-19. 

“We’ve officially raised enough to print 500 copies of the book,” Maddock said. 

Committee members of the publication are planning distribution options for the printed book, which Maddock projects to be a few months away. 

Maddock said after books are distributed to committee members, published artists, and donors of $15 or more, the organization will evaluate how to distribute to other community members. 

The virtual release event over Zoom, organized in place of the annual in-person release party, opened to the public at 7 p.m. April 24. Peel members, published artists and community members joined the call and simultaneously watched a final release video, which premiered at 7:15 p.m. on YouTube and Facebook. 

The release video, created by The Peel, featured published pieces of visual art, sound, poetry and short stories. Participants in the Zoom call gave praise and congratulations through the chat box as the video revealed each work. 

After the video premiere, published musicians gave live performances of their work and committee members shared their favorite Peel memories. 

While Maddock is uncertain of when print copies will be available, she projects a summer or early fall release.