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    MuChaoNov 10, 2023 at 4:08 pm

    So when can students expect to see a refund on their student fees?

    If Tommy can afford to throw so much cash at the financial black hole that is Athletics, then the university needs to be cutting refund checks to each and every student who is forced to pay over $1000/year to subsidize the annual losses and ongoing debt from Athletics.

    If students can opt-out of the rental textbook program, why can they not opt-out of subsidizing Athletics? I’d love the see The Appalachian investigate that question.

    After all, the vast majority of students gain absolutely ZERO value from Athletics, and if anything, their time and education here suffers as a result. Especially those students who have student loans who will be paying interest on the money they’ve borrowed to help foot the >$1000/year bill for subsidizing athletics.

    The entire program is nothing but a swindle. Classrooms falling apart, broken classroom and lab equipment, (literally) crumbing infrastructure, faculty and staff struggling to pay bills and many quitting for better jobs elsewhere, but coaches and admins get to walk around with fat wallets whilst standing on the backs of students.

    If Tommy actually cared about the future of the school he’d be funding education.