Appalachian releases documents regarding former head coach Jerry Moore


Michael Bragg

According to documents released by the university Monday, athletics director Charlie Cobb wrote a letter to Jerry Moore in December 2011 asking him to step down from his position as head coach of Appalachian's football team. An email was sent to Chancellor Kenneth Peacock in the same month, as well. Photo Courtesy Dave MayoTwo documents were released from Appalachian State University Monday regarding Jerry Moore’s removal as football head coach on Dec. 2.

The documents included one letter from athletic director Charlie Cobb to Moore and an email from Cobb to Chancellor Kenneth Peacock.

In the letter, dated Dec. 20, 2011, Cobb asked Moore to step down to help build and protect Moore’s legacy. 

Cobb offered Moore the position of “Special Assistant to the Athletic Director,” according to the letter. This position would be independent from the university and Moore would be an ambassador for the football program, according to Cobb in the letter.

“My guess is about right now, you’re getting charged up and ready to fight the fight,” according to the letter from Cobb. “That’s not my intention in writing this. My intention is to clearly point out to you the great challenges that lie in front of us in trying to make another season work.”

In the email to Peacock, which was dated Dec. 31, 2011, Cobb wrote why it would be the best move for Moore to retire after the final game of the 2012 season.

According to the email, Moore requested his final season to be 2012.

Cobb lists the potential FBS transition as the first reason the 2012 season be the last for Moore.

The second reason was financial and the email outlined possible salaries for a new coach and coaching staff. However, in 2011, the Yosef Club set a record and was 10 percent higher than 2010, according to the email from Cobb.

Cobb said it would be in “Appalachian’s best interest to allow a natural transition,” rather than terminating Moore, according to the email.

Recruiting would not be negatively affected, since players recruited by Appalachian “have not come in with the expectation to play for Coach [Moore] their entire college careers,” according to Cobb in the email.

The email lists a potential new staff, however all the names were redacted except for Bill Stewart from West Virginia University. However, Stewart died in May 2012, five months after the email was sent.

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Story: CHELSEY FISHER, Managing Editor and MICHAEL BRAGG, Editor-in-Chief

Photo Courtesy Dave Mayo