Boone Barbies light up Ransom’s final week


Evan Bates

The first performer at the event hosted by Yutell Mi, Sunny Dior, waltzes the runway, warming up the crowd.

Boone Barbies sent Ransom Pub off with a bang Thursday night with the bar’s first, only and last drag show as one of their final events before closing their doors on Saturday. As they performed for a packed house glowing in neon, a line of people snaked down the street waiting to catch a glimpse of the show, dance and have a drink.

The event was hosted by Yutell Mi with performances by Missy V Sour, Benadryl, Molly Pocket, Dorian Grindr, Sunny Dior and Prudence Dior. Current App State student DJ Cunnt des Garcons followed the drag performances with a set of her own.

The audience cheered wildly and sang along as the cast performed death drops, splits, cartwheels and lip-synced to popular songs including everything from Grimes’ “Kill v. Maim” to Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.”

“This is definitely one of the biggest audiences I’ve performed for in a while,” performer Dorian Grindr said. “This is an 18 and up show. Most places around here that do drag can’t do that so it’s definitely livelier than usual.”

The Boone Barbies typically perform at Lily’s, which only allows for a 21 and up crowd, but co-founder and mother of the house, Benadryl said that finding more venues that will allow 18 years and older audiences “is definitely a priority.”

Yutell Mi has been performing with the house for the past six months and took the reins when planning the event, booking all the performers and working with Ransom to put everything together. 

“It’s been amazing, I wish we could do more Ransom shows. Working with them has been really nice,” Yutell Mi said. “It is upsetting because it’s hard to find spaces that are welcoming to drag, especially with the current events that have been going on.”

Ransom announced earlier this month it would be closing Feb. 18 after changing owners in late 2022 and reopening as SouthEnd Brewing Co., a Greensboro-based brewery.