BSA will host philanthropy dance that is good for the sole

Hadasa Rivera Marin, Reporter

With Black History Month in sight, the Black Student Association is looking to put on a unique event for students all across campus.   `

The Sneaker Ball, a dance in which the entrance fee is a pair of sneakers, marks the first event of its kind hosted by BSA, the Black Graduate Student Association and the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board.

For the event, BSA, BGSA and CSAB will partner with Soles4Souls, a nonprofit based in Nashville, Tennessee, that aims to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing relief through the distribution of shoes around the world. 

Dejah Chapple, programming chair of BSA, said they heard about Soles4Souls through Kendall Rankin, Multicultural Student Development coordinator, and decided to reach out to the organization and express their interest in a possible partnership. 

Kyndavee Bichara, BSA president, said she hoped this event would give students the opportunity to dress up, dance and also do something to help out people all across the globe. 

“Sneakers are a very big part of African American culture, in the way of our culture, in the way that we express ourselves, through fashion and different forms of art,” Bichara said. 

Bichara said if there’s enough participation from students on campus, they might consider making the Sneaker Ball an annual event. 

Chapple said this is a great way for students to get involved without it taking too much time out of their school and work schedules.

 The drop-off location for sneakers is in the Plemmons Student Union Room 255 until March 6. 

Chapple said their goal is to collect at least 75 pairs of shoes, and with the time frame provided, she believes it’s possible.

“Anyone can drop off a pair of sneakers, whether that be used or new, everything is welcome,” Bichara said.