Democrats gather to watch election results


Anne Buie

Enthusiasts gather Tuesday evening at Char as the president breaks 270 votes and snatches the election during the Democratic Viewing party. Courtney Roskos | The AppalachianAround 60 people showed up to the Democratic Election Celebration and Results Watch Party at Char Tuesday night to see President Obama re-elected to office.

Anna Scott, senior psychology major worked locally with the Obama campaign.

“This is one last opportunity to spend time with all the people we worked so hard with,” Scott said.

Ashesh Chatterjee, sophomore political science major also worked with the local Democratic Party.

“It’s good to have a whole group of other people who share the same beliefs, and if President Obama wins we can all celebrate together we can all say, ‘Yeah, we did it all our hard work has paid off,'” Chatterjee said. “A lot of people here have been working for the Obama campaign — they’ve been working for a lot of local campaigns. It’s about unity.”

Susan Phipps, treasurer of the Watauga Democratic Party said through working together has made her feel very close to many local Democrats.

“We’ve worked so hard for so long mostly together, but sometimes at different times at the headquarters and we just feel like family,” Phipps said. “So we just want to be with our friends and family and share the good things and share the bad things.”

Some of the bad news for the Democrats came with the election of Republican gubernatorial candidate, Pat McCrory. The crowd booed and shook their heads.

“It was bound to happen,” Chatterjee yelled to the crowd.

Though, with Obama’s re-election, the Democrats had a great deal of good things to share. Following the announcement by NBC coverage, sporadic dancing broke out in the bar. People hugged, cheered and drank shots in celebration.

“It’s about more than just the club, it speaks for all Americans,” College Democrats President Lia Poteet said. “It feels wonderful. It’s a relief that it’s done, and it is 100 percent satisfying to know that we’ve worked to make this happen. We all feel like we’ve worked to make a difference and that we were a part of it.”


Story: JOSH FARMER, Senior News Reporter

Photo: COURTNEY ROSKOS, Staff Photographer