Freshmen reflect on start of Appalachian experience

Meghan Frick

It’s been almost a month since the class of 2016 came to campus — more than 3,000 of them, moving into dorms en masse. Here, two freshmen, French major Taylor Haisley and undecided major Kenyon Hall, share their thoughts on the beginnings of the college experience.

The Appalachian: Why did you come to Appalachian State?


Taylor Haisley: I fell in love with the campus, growing up with my family and I would always visit Boone and Blowing Rock in the fall. I love the mountains and the friendly people. Plus, App is a big enough school with a lot of different classes and majors to choose from, yet the school itself never feels too crowded or overwhelming.


Kenyon Hall: I came to Appalachian State University because it has a fantastic business school and it costs significantly less than other in-state tuitions.


TA: What’s been your favorite part of college so far?


TH: Definitely meeting new people. Everyone is so unique and we bring out different qualities in one another.


KH: I have really enjoyed getting involved with club sports. I went to a few different practices trying to figure out which sport I wanted to play and they were all really fun, but I ended up sticking with Ultimate Frisbee.


TA: What’s been the toughest adjustment from high school to college?


TH: Probably living with another person in such close quarters for the first time. It was weird at first, but now it’s no big deal.


KH: The hardest adjustment from high school to college has been not having everything that I need when I need it. At my house, everything is always just right there.


TA: What’s the most interesting experience you’ve had so far?


TH: The needtobreathe concert at Kidd Brewer Stadium was a pretty neat experience…I really felt like a part of the Appalachian family.


TA: Now that you’ve done it, what advice would you give about the first weeks of college?


TH: I would say my biggest tip is to get out of your comfort zone. Do activities you wouldn’t usually do, meet people you wouldn’t usually hang out with. Be open to new things.

KH: Make sure you go to every class period of all your classes…a few people in some of my classes haven’t and they’ve already fallen behind in just the first two weeks.

Story: KALEY CAMPBELL, Intern A&E Reporter