Gov. Roy Cooper calls on president to resign after Capitol Hill violence


Courtesy of Roy Cooper

Gov. Roy Cooper and The North Carolina NAACP reached a settlement yesterday in a lawsuit regarding COVID-19 conditions in North Carolina state prisons. The state now has 180 days to release 3,500 people who are incarcerated.

Emily Broyles, Reporter

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is calling on President Donald Trump to leave office or be removed by legal measures after a pro-Trump mob stormed Capitol Hill Wednesday.

Cooper wrote in a tweet Thursday that the president “should resign or be removed from office,” saying he has betrayed the country and is not capable of leading it.

North Carolina Senator Mujtaba Mohammed of District 38 and Representative for NC House District 105 Wesley Harris  responded to Cooper’s tweet in agreement, saying they are “standing” with the governor. 

Some people are thanking Cooper for his statement while others are replying that the governor should resign first.

One user who disagreed with Cooper’s COVID-19 precautions said he now agrees with the governor. 

“Yesterday was the final straw,” the user wrote in a tweet responding to Cooper’s call on Trump. 

Cooper’s criticisms of the president come after numerous resignations from the Trump administration and calls for Trump to be removed from office from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, New York Senator Chuck Schumer and other political officials.

App State Chancellor Sheri Everts also released a statement regarding Capitol Hill Thursday.