Review: “Magic Mike” fails to impress

Ryan Morris

Editor’s note: The following reflects the opinions of the author.

There are some movies even Channing Tatum’s looks can’t save. Unfortunately, Magic Mike is in that category.

The plot, or lack thereof, is of horrible quality.

The movie begins with “Magic Mike” the lead stripper at a male strip club, recruiting a 19-year-old boy to be a new dancer for the club.

The 19-year-old boy, nicknamed the “The Kid” who is played by Alex Pettyfer, lives with his older sister, played by Cody Horn, because he lost his college football scholarship after getting into a fight with his football coach.

From there, “The Kid” is sold drugs from another male stripper at the club and becomes addicted to ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Magic Mike is falling in love with “The Kid’s” older sister, Paige.

Paige does not approve of her younger brother’s new night job as a male stripper. As a result, Mike spends the majority of the movie trying to prove he is not really the man his job portrays him to be.

This riveting plot comes to a jolting halt during the climax of the movie, when Paige finds her younger brother passed out after overdosing.

In addition to a sub-par plotline, the movie itself was edited poorly. The movie was divided into months, but the only indication viewers had of these changing was when the screen went black and white text appeared stating “July,” or “August.” The months did not signal a change or any twist in the plot, so they were a random distraction more than anything else.

Overall, “Magic Mike” failed to perform thanks largely to a lack of plot and poor acting.

Rating: Zero out of four stars.

Story: KALEY CAMPBELL, A&E Reporter