Man on the Street: 9/11 remembered

Man on the Street: 9/11 remembered

Maggie Cozens

Eleven years ago , the World Trade Center was struck down by two planes in New York. Now, The Appalachian asked stuents what they remembered about that fateful day. 


“My teacher got a call on a little phone and then she got all quiet and turned on the tv and told us what happened. My mom came and got me out of school because she was scared of everything. You could tell the teachers were sad but they were trying to keep their composure.”

– Addison Haddad, a freshman undecided major 

 “I was in school on 9/11 but didn’t find out what happened until after. My teachers were in a panic and my dad was in a panic because my mom was near there trying to get a flight back, but obviously that didn’t happen. Everyone was just really confused.”

– Bethany Nicoll, a freshman psychology major


 “I was in my second grade classroom. I just remember everyone was quiet.”

– Kori Simmons, a freshman undecided major


 “I was in Kingston, New York on 9/11. I was in my parents bedroom and the first plane had already hit and then everybody was going berserk and I asked what happened and they told me. Then I remember watching the TV, the live feed, and then the second plane hit. I was six and a half and was pretty scared because I didn’t understand why people were flying planes into buildings.”

– Ryan Clark, a freshman computer science major




 “I was in my second grade classroom. I remember everyone had the news on in all the classroom. I remember my teacher was really upset because she knew someone that was working in the towers but she wasn’t working that day.”

– Sarah Luckadoo, a freshman elementary education