Degree Works intended to help students graduate on time

Chelsey Fisher

A new online degree audit program called Degree Works was launched Monday.

Degree Works serves students and provides them with an opportunity to understand their education plan.

Degree Works is the physical check sheet online and works with students, Student Government Association Director of Academic Affairs Detoria Rolle said.

Once a student decides their general education theme and major, Degree Works will list the classes that the student still needs to take and the classes the student has already taken, she said.

This program will hopefully help more students be able to graduate in four years, Rolle said.

“It’s really cool to see something that students initiated really come to life,” Rolle said. “It may have taken four years, but it really just goes to show how much impact the student voice has.”

Students also can calculate their GPA, propose “what-if”questions to see what would happen to their credits if they were to change their major, and select the next class they need to take on the path to graduation, SGA President Jake Cox said.

“I can only imagine the impact it will have on our graduation rate once students are able to actively look at and monitor their progress towards their degree,” Cox said.

Students will have a clear understanding of what needs to be taken in the next few years and how long it will take him or her, Rolle said.

SGA is planning to have contact tables between Oct. 15-26 at four different locations to explain how the program works, Rolle said.

Tables will be at Plemmons Student Union, Raley Hall, Trivette Dining Hall and Sanford Mall, Rolle said.

It will improve students’ knowledge of their degree requirements and make the path to graduation more clear for students, faculty and staff, University Registrar Andrea Wawrzusin said.

The program allows the advising meetings to focus on the student’s academic and career goals and
incorporate that into decision making about which courses work best for the student, Wawrzusin said.

Story: LINDSAY BOOKOUT, Intern News Reporter