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    MuChaoSep 20, 2023 at 7:29 am

    #4 – Stop relying on student fees to subsidize your program’s financial losses. Students should not be forced to subsidize entertainment, especially so at a public university whose mission statement includes nothing about athletics, esp. given that athletics contributes *absolutely nothing* to the actual mission: education. Rather, it leaves countless students further in debt as full-time students are *forced* to pay over $1000/year in student fees to subsidize athletics’ annual financial losses and the pre-existing debt associated with the construction of athletics facilities.

    If a student can opt-out of paying the textbook rental program fee, why can they not opt of of subsidizing athletics?! *Many* students will never attend a game, nor reap any actual benefit from the athletic program! Additionally, if a student is taking out loans to attend school, then they’ll be paying even more over time as they will also be paying interest on this student fee. It’s absolutely criminal.

    Years ago, the administration claimed that “athletics stands on its own two feet” (i.e. it funds itself), yet that has never been, nor to this day, is remotely true. Unless of course you consider standing on the backs of students as being on one’s “own two feet.”