Opinion: Let’s secede and try something new

Lindsay Bookout

Anne Buie

Lindsay BookoutTwenty-three states, including North Carolina, have filed petitions to secede from the union, according to The Washington Times.

In order to receive comment from the president, the petitions must have at least 25,000 signatures. The only one that has surpassed the 25,000 signature mark is Texas, according to whitehouse.gov.

North Carolina remains at approximately 14,000 signatures, according to whitehouse.gov, as of press time.

I for one hope that we surpass the 25,000 signatures mark.

I think that our country is too big to function as one entity.

Our country is in utter shambles. The fact that our country must choose between two men for president is horrible. That ratio is ridiculous.The fact that we cannot count the popular vote, to me, means that each individual’s vote does not count. It also means that we are not a democracy, as most people are taught, but a republic.

I don’t think that there is anything that President Barack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney could do to fix our nation. I thought that perhaps presidential candidate Gary Johnson could, which is why he received my vote. But since that idea did not pan out, I’m searching for another.

If our state, or any state for that matter, was to secede, I think that that might change the direction of this country.

Yes, I’m aware that the last time this happened a civil war broke out. That is only because the northern states did not allow the southern states to secede.

If a state does not want to be a part of this nation anymore, I think that they should be allowed to secede if their petitions receive enough signatures.
Just think about how much better our country would function if each state was its own nation, and all former states were still allies of one another. That way there would be much less drama concerning laws and regulations.

Colorado and Washington have already voted on legislation that legalizes marijuana. The fact that the 48 other states have not shows that there are differences of opinions in our country, which is not shocking considering how vast a space our nation covers.

Take the time to educate yourself on the petitions and what could possibly come of them. Do not simply write it off as a dumb idea. Think about how this could change the world.


Bookout, a sophomore French and English major from Charlotte, is a news reporter.