Price’s last second touchdown blows Samford away

Anne Buie

It was a 22-yard pass from quarterback Jamal Jackson caught by wide receiver Sean Price with 22 seconds left that cinched the Mountaineers’ victory against Samford last Saturday.

“I was just hoping it was a touchdown and then [the referee] put his arms up and I got really excited,” Price said. “It doesn’t really look like I was, I’m not really an emotional guy, but I was really excited.”

By halftime, Appalachian had a 21-10 lead over Samford.

“Even if we were losing, I’m still going to think we’re going to win,” he said. “Not even just being optimistic, just being a team player. When we went in at halftime we were just trying to figure out a way to get away from an 11 point lead.”

But the fourth quarter brought trouble as Samford gained 15 points, catching up to ASU 21-25.

However, Price set himself up for the pass from Jackson to gain the game-winning touchdown.

“It was just one of those things that happened,” Price said. “You can’t really practice catching something like that. We do some drills to catch balls in a tough spot but we don’t do anything in particular to replicate plays like that.”

Samford has not won a game against Appalachian for the past five games, according to

But this was not just a regular loss — it was Samford’s homecoming game.

“They were blown,” Price said. “They wouldn’t even shake hands after the game, some of them. I’d be blown too if that had been my homecoming game.”

Following his ankle injury last year, Price was medically redshirted, but returned this year.

He’s been compared to former ASU wide receiver Brian Quick, who currently plays for the St. Louis Rams.

“It’s a great honor,” Price said. “He’s an NFL receiver — he was the 33rd pick in the draft which is one pick away from the first draft. So, to be compared to someone of that stature is an honor. I just try to do everything I can. I don’t necessarily try to replicate his thing, but try to go above and beyond of what’s he done here.”


Story: ANNE BUIE, Managing Editor