Review: Toby Keith’s ‘Hope on the Rocks’ is a success

Ryan Morris

Editor’s note: The following reflects the opinion of the author.

Every Fall, Toby Keith releases a new album, this year’s being “Hope on the Rocks.” The album was released on October 30th in production with Show Dog-Universal Music, LLC.

The album is an overall good choice for those who like country music, and especially for fans of Toby Keith, who is always the primary recording artist, songwriter, and producer for all of his albums.

“Hope on the Rocks” provides a solid sampling of all of Keith’s typical country songs. Whereas other artists have recently veered away from the hard country sounds, Keith remains true to his Oklahoma origins.

The album is a follow-up to Keith’s last album, titled “Clancy’s Tavern,” which included the viral multi-platinum hit, “Red Solo Cup.”

Almost every song includes at least one reference to beer, which isn’t anything abnormal for the country star.

“Missed You Just Right” is a more emotional song on the album in comparison to the ever boastful, “The Size I Wear” that talks about older men on the prowl.

“Haven’t Seen the Last of You” has a string of somber lyrics tied together with a slow guitar. The slow tempo allows the lyrics to roll together nicely. Also featured on this song is Oklahoma Country native, Mica Roberts.

Although beer takes center stage, whiskey was also able to get its fair share of lyrics on the tracks. In “Get Got” an older man gives some drinking advice to a younger man, and later Keith sings “Don’t mix your whiskey with decision / Ask forgiveness, not permission.”

Overall, Keith basically stuck to what he has always done. His typical album formula combined with a dab of heartbreak and plenty of crowd pleasers is bound to be another successful record.

Rating: Three out of four stars.

Story: KALEY CAMPBELL, A&E Reporter