Senior Goodbye: Emma Speckman

Courtesy of: Emma Speckman

Courtesy of: Emma Speckman

Emma Speckman

I don’t really like to think about what I would be like today if I never joined The Appalachian, but now that I’m writing this goodbye, I’m thinking about it. So here’s a laundry list of bad character traits I avoided by walking into Suite 217 of Plemmons Student Union three years ago.

  • Courtesy of: Emma Speckman
    Courtesy of: Emma Speckman

    I’d continue to write with excessive, flowery language that’s hard to read and easy to hate. And I’d probably think it’s great.

  • I’d have a terrible work ethic and there’s no way I would be leaving college with a full-time job lined up.
  • I wouldn’t be able to manage my time for sh*t.
  • I wouldn’t be a good listener, and I wouldn’t seek out the stories of strangers.
  • I’d still have a limp-fish handshake.
  • I wouldn’t have met food bloggers, beer brewers, filmmakers, spoken word poets, written word poets, singer-songwriters, drummers, magicians, fire-spinners, yogis, pastors, actors and so many more wonderful souls whose stories I got to make public.
  • I wouldn’t know some of the most hardworking and all-around excellent students on this campus, who became some of the most important people in my life.
  • (S/o to Lovey, Casey, Jackson and Chris for being exceptional humans that I complain to almost, if not actually, daily.)

Tied with studying abroad for a semester, working as an Arts & Entertainment reporter and eventually editor at The Appalachian shaped my personality and college experience the most. I’m forever grateful for this office, the journalism department and the wonderful people I found through both.

HAGS & KATS, The Appalachian staff.

Emma Speckman, a senior journalism major from Charlotte, was the Arts & Entertainment editor for the 2014-15 academic year. She was on staff for three years.