SGA sponsors TED-inspired talks

SGA sponsors TED-inspired talks

Nicole Caporaso

The Student Government Association is sponsoring a TED Talks-inspired conference for exchanging student perspectives March 27 from 7 to 9 p.m. in Crossroads Cafe.

The event, titled Panorama, encourages students to come together and discuss their opinions and passions in an open environment.

The event is sponsored by SGA, but the event was planned by Shady Kimzey, a senior public relations major, and Natalie Gaviria, a junior social work major.

“The topics will range from education, masculinity and gender roles, motivation, and much more,” Kimzey said. “The talks are inspiring, funny, entertaining and very informative.”

Kimzey and Gaviria said they believe it is important for students to have a place to let their voices be heard by an open-minded audience.

“We hope people will walk away from the event being inspired by fellow student’s passions and experiences and gaining a perspective that they might not have received otherwise,” Gaviria said. “We had seen TED Talks in classes and through social media, and were inspired by the short and powerful messages that they gave.”

Kimzey and Gaviria said they hope students will come out to the event and support their peers.

SGA was approached by Kimzey and Gaviria about the event.

“Shady and Natalie had the idea to host this event and approached SGA for support,” said Zach Yllanes, SGA director of campus outreach. “SGA hopes to continue this event in the years to come while providing students with the opportunity to share and discuss their passions with one another.”

Kimzey said it is important to have this type of event on campus.

“We felt like often times students have had amazing passions that they never get to share on a peer-to-peer level,” Kimzey said. “We wanted to create that positive environment for students at Appalachian.”

Story: Nicole Caporaso, News Reporter