Speakeasy Tattoo hosts Beard & Mustache Party

Anne Buie

Downtown tattoo parlor Speakeasy Tattoo hosted its fourth annual Beard & Mustache Party on Tuesday night. Those with or without facial hair were encouraged to come and join in on the festivities, which included a beard and mustache contest, a raffle and free beer.

This year’s party introduced a new, more accessible element: a family hour, open to all ages under 21. Lasting from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., family hour was meant for families with young children who would also like to participate in the facial hair festivities.

“We just had a lot of clients who said their kids would get excited about making their own beard or mustache at home, so this year I thought I’d try it as a trial to see if anyone would make it out,” said manager Nicole Kinnamon. “It’s kind of hard to promote two different types of parties, one being family-friendly and the other having free beer.”


The party, which began as a customer appreciation event, has since evolved into what it is today, partly due to owner greg Kinnamon’s love of mustaches.

Throughout the night, event-goers had the opportunity to participate in a contest that judged their facial hair in multiple categories. These categories included men’s, women’s, fake, creepiest and most creative beard. The winners are Tyler Hoskinson, Danielle Reynolds, Leslie Beninato, Jacob Wood and Kat Chaffin. Chaffin won best overall, as well.

While some of the participants grew real beards and mustaches, other attendees sported drawn-on or cutout mustaches and beards.

The event included a raffle, as well. Those who purchased tickets were put in a drawing to win Speakeasy merchandise or Speakeasy gift cards ranging in value from $50 to $500.

“I came out here to Speakeasy tattoo to support a local business and local owners and to have a good time,” said Taylor Williams, an Appalachian State alumnus.

While Williams wore a healthy amount of scruff to the event, he decided not to participate in the contest after seeing the competitors.

“I did not sign up for a contest because the competition is too stiff,” Williams said.

Other attendees, such as junior history major Matt Debnam, took full advantage of the contest. Though he didn’t win, he said it was an honor to participate.

Debnam, who considers himself a supporter of all things facial hair, heard about the event while he and his dad got their first tattoos at Speakeasy last Monday.

“From the most pencil thin goatee to the glorious radiance of the ZZ Top special, I’m for [facial hair],” Debnam said.

Story: CONNOR CHILDERS, Senior A&E Reporter