Letter to the Editor: A Big Win for ClimAct, App commits to more renewables


Michael Weiss

It worked. You signed our petition and blasted our events on Instagram and in your classes. You showed up to the rallies, painted signs and chanted loudly. Some of you spent hours making social media posts, sending emails and coordinating volunteers.

And it worked. App just agreed to move from using less than 2% renewable energy to 15%!

And this good news reveals a lot. It shows us that we are powerful. Last year, when Black students organized and consistently put in the work, they too got their demands met. When our community stands up to demand what they need and is persistent, we can win.

It also shows us that so much more is possible. To make huge leaps in sustainability, all that App needs to do is say the word.

But this movement is not just about energy percentiles. It is about restructuring our public university into a public good: transitioning from authoritarian governance of our school to something more democratic, investing in local business and infrastructure, purchasing ethically and sustainably, and more…

To achieve this, and to protect our future from the climate crisis, signs and rallies may not be enough. We need to think more strategically. As students and faculty, we have power — to influence their reputation, to scare off incoming students. Even to stop App from functioning all together. This is our university. If it can not operate without harming our community, then should it be allowed to operate at all?