Emelie Carpenter: Menocore business clown

Mericlaire Williams, A&C Columnist

Walking through the Walker College of Business, accounting graduate student Emelie Carpenter stands out in her brightly colored clothes with her self-proclaimed style: business clown.

Carpenter routinely wears her skull-knuckle gloves for any occasion.

“I’m very flamboyant, especially within the business building,” Carpenter said.

There is a noticeable difference between Carpenter’s utilitarian business style and the bold accessories she adorns it with. Carpenter takes a timeless casual style and makes it her own by dressing it up. There is a paradox between her two inspirations — fun, fictional characters and the business community.

“I always like chunky shoes, which I think is very in tune with me wanting to be a cartoon,” Carpenter said.

In summer 2018, Man Repeller posted an article called “Menocore is the New Normcore, and It’s a Lot More Comfortable.” From then, Carpenter has been drawn to Menocore, which reflects the style of a middle-aged woman. It is considered long-term clothing.

“(Menocore) changed my life,” Carpenter said.

Winter is when Carpenter explores her business clown style with trench coats and bright colors. In the summer she channels menocore style, including floor-length shapeless dresses.

Carpenter always pushes her style to new limits. When reflecting on prior years she questions her past style.

She said she hopes she has finalized her style, as it has been steady for the last two years.

“I don’t like to be seen, so I try to dress for me and try not be in my head as much,” Carpenter said.