Playlist of the week: Ward away the Ides of March

Amena Matcheswala, Reporter

The Ides of March, a common theme in literature, particularly Shakespeare, refers to the looming threat of the mid-March death Julius Caeser was allegedly warned of in Shakespeare’s historical play “Julius Caeser.” Since then, the theme has been used in pop culture to warn of misfortune in the path of main characters across books, movies and television shows. 

At App State, the worst of March is not much more than a few windy days and post-spring break blues. As the brink of warm weather begins to roll in, students mourn the loss of pumpkin spice and cuffing season. They wait in anticipation for beach weather. Regardless, use this playlist filled with recent releases from Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift and Hozier to ward off the last of winter’s blues and stave away summertime sadness.