Running from the rain: Boone activities for bad weather

Amena Matcheswala, Reporter

Boone is among the rainiest of North Carolina cities. While it may hold much of its appeal in its gorgeous mountainscapes and walkability, don’t feel discouraged when inclement weather hits. Many of Boone’s best kept secrets are most exciting to find on a rainy day. 


Coffee places

  1. Kovu’s Coffee

Located at 869 NC-105 Extension Suite 1 lies the unassuming coffee shop. Named after the owner’s Australian Shepherd Kovu, this top rainy day coffee spot is as eclectic and approachable on a rainy day for staying in as it is on days spent outside. A visit to Kovu’s will usually find you among a flurry of furry friends, many of which are the namesakes for the shop’s pet-based menu.

“We just sat around one night and just kind of came up with drinks that either the owners would get or that would fit with their personalities,” said barista Joel Nelson.

Alec Stacey

The spot features themed rooms perfect for entertaining a group of friends. A game room houses couches and a collection of various board and card games, while the room opposite houses shelves of music, CDs and vinyls.

Kovu’s seasonal menu includes Halloween-themed specials, such as The Pennywise, an apple-chai treat, or the Jack Skellington, featuring hazelnut, chocolate and amaretto. Those who don’t drink coffee regularly can find an array of baked goods. Smoothies, frozen lemonades and flavored teas are also available.


  1. Blue Deer on King

For those looking for a coffee spot closer to campus, look no further than Blue Deer on King Street, located at 352 W King St. What was once a charming fairy-lit trailer located along Highway 321 now has expanded to include an atmospheric deer-themed cozy spot easily accessible to Appalachian students in Downtown Boone. 

“Compared to chains like Starbucks that are so busy and chaotic, it’s always so peaceful here, especially during the weekdays when it’s not as busy,” said senior exercise science major Gracie Herndon, “There’s a lot of students here too, so everyone’s in the same boat doing the same thing.”

Alec Stacey

The shop features a second floor overlooking the Reich College of Education building and a rooftop deck for sunnier days. Customers will find themselves among a cozy, woodsy setting. Unconventional yet charming portraits of deer partaking in various distinctly human activities provide thought-provoking nooks for pictures.

Their menu boasts both specialty coffees such as the Honey Bear latte and Maple Cinnamon Latte, as well as their call to fame: homemade cookies and ice cream. Flavors include apple and pumpkin pie, and their drink menu features frozen lemonade and Cheerwine floats in addition to their range of coffees. Additionally, Blue Deer’s hours suit those who seek a red eye, one of the shop’s popular espresso drinks, on a rainy day, staying open until 10 p.m. every night of the week. 


Study spots

Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest ones. For those looking for a quiet and available space to study without a drenched notebook, look no further than App State’s very own sheltered campus. The Solarium offers a scenic and musical ambience for those looking to pretend the weather is much nicer than Boone often affords. For those looking to embrace its moody climate, nothing is quite as archetypal as grabbing a spot between the windows and the bookshelves to embrace a dark academic vibe and live out your most studious dreams. Fortunately, the library keeps its doors open around the clock Monday-Thursday for those pulling an all-nighter.

Alec Stacey


Hangout spots

  1. Rainy-day hikes

If staying inside leaves you feeling lethargic, you may choose to face Boone weather head-on. The variety of green spaces surrounding the town leave plenty to be safely explored even on the dreariest days. Flat Top Mountain Trail is a good choice for rainy day adventure seekers, providing a safe yet picturesque experience. Like the name suggests, the trail is flatter than many, and its gradual, wide paths make it a good option to prevent sliding. Hikers should take extra precautions in inclement weather, such as traveling in groups and wearing appropriate gear. 


  1. Movie night

Take the adventure inside and opt for safe thrills on the silver screen while you stay in with snacks. Campus dwellers have it as easy as taking a stroll to a common area, or a friend’s room for their TV. Others can take advantage of screens in the Library’s private rooms which are available for reservations. Belk Library’s lower level also has its own collection of board and card games available to be checked out.