Stellar sweets: Food Network winners open Boone cupcakery


Kara Haselton

Cupcrazed is located beneath The Standard on Blowing Rock Road. Shanahan said she wanted it to “be some place that is walkable for students and walkable for the community.”

Maggie Watts, Reporter

When customers walk into Cupcrazed Cakery, they are immediately greeted by a vibrant explosion of color, art and sweets. This confectioner’s haven brings one of a kind, award-winning treats to the High Country.

Owner Wendy Shanahan said she had looked at the space before COVID-19 and liked the spread out design. “So you can have a conversation with someone and not listen to someone else’s,” Shanahan said. (Kara Haselton)

The bakery, which is located under The Standard at Boone at 776 Blowing Rock Road, opened its doors Aug. 14. Owner Wendy Shanahan said the idea behind the cakery is “a mad hatter’s tea party.” 

“Everything is vibrant, fun and bold. It’s supposed to be like a mini party,” Shanahan said.

The original Cupcrazed Cakery in Fort Mill, South Carolina won Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” twice. The winning cupcake flavors, which include sweet tea and hummingbird, can now be purchased in Boone. 

Cupcrazed Boone features the same concept and recipes as the original location but with its own unique menu additions.

“I bought the business, and we took what she (Fort Miller owner) was doing and we’ve expanded it and we’ve evolved it from just cupcakes and cakes to other things as well,” Shanahan said. 

In addition to cupcakes, Cupcrazed Boone makes donuts, custom cakes, cookies, coffees, mini-cheesecakes and a variety of breakfast pastries. It’s menu will soon feature homemade Pop-Tarts and Italian sodas. 

Customers can find a wide range of cupcake flavors at Cupcrazed. The shop also serves coffee, cookies, cakes, brownies and more baked sweets. (Kara Haselton)

Shanahan said the red velvet cupcakes, Reese’s cupcakes, s’mores cookies, cake batter cookies, cinnamon rolls and mini-cheesecakes have been the “all-stars” so far.

“If anybody has favorite things they want us to try or favorite flavors, let us know,” Shanahan said. “We’re gonna be rolling out so many different things.”

App State senior Mary Anders Giavedoni grew up near the original Cupcrazed location and remembers it as her “favorite spot growing up.”

“This is where I got my birthday cakes. It was one of my favorite places in that tiny town,” Guavedoni said. 

When Cupcrazed announced its Boone opening, Giavedoni quickly applied for a job there. She now works as front of house and outreach coordinator.

She said the Boone recipes are the same as the Fort Mill location, with classics like red velvet and uncommon flavors like chicken and waffles. The biggest difference between the two locations is the store’s size. 

Giavedoni said the Boone location is “four times larger” than Fort Mill. “She (Shanahan) wanted it big, she wanted it colorful and she wanted to make a fun, creative atmosphere.”

Wendy Shanahan, owner of Cupcrazed, shared her vision for the business endeavor: “We want people to get excited when they come in,” she said. Shanahan hopes to become a part of the Boone community and for her shop to be “their home away from home.” (Kara Haselton)

The interior walls feature original paintings by Shanahan, who painted murals in college. Shanahan said the bakery also includes plenty of seating areas and “eclectic and funky” decor.

“Our goal is to grow and be a part of this community and be a positive place for anyone here — their favorite place to go, or their home away from home or a place that they love and can create memories at,” Shanahan said. 

Shanahan chose to open the bakery under The Standard at Boone off-campus apartments because she wanted it to be  “walkable for students and walkable for the community.” 

“We just want everybody to know that we’re happy to be here, and we’d love for them to stop by and see us,” she said.

The cakery offers 10% discounts to first responders, military and App State students and faculty. They also implement various deals throughout the week. On Mondays, customers can get a free donut with the purchase of coffee, and on Tuesdays all cupcakes, cookies and mini-cheesecakes are $2. Additionally, Thursday is “dollar cookie day.”

Customers can park on the first floor of The Standard’s parking deck, where parking is free for the first hour.

The bakery’s hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.