OPINION: West side, best side


Ricky Barker, Columnist

In our first issue of the school year, you were fed a lie, dear reader. An opinion so completely wrong and off base, it needs to be corrected. An editorial was published stating East Campus was better than West Campus. This is maddeningly inaccurate. What’s obvious the minute you step into West Campus is it’s the side with culture. You’re greeted with a beautiful pond of little ducks and a majestic statue of Yosef standing proudly. It looks nicer because many of the buildings are newer and renovated. It’s as if you were stepping into a fancy office complex. There are sculptures and art around every corner. Look at East Hall or Dogwood and tell me that’s beautiful. Those buildings look decrepit.

Another example of this is the dining facilities. Yes, Roess has more options available but it’s more about the ambience of a meal. Trivette feels like going into a restaurant. Sitting in Summit Trail Solarium looking over campus as you enjoy your noodles. Trivette is never as crowded and considering how long those lines are at Roess, that’s a plus. Not to mention, Trivette’s McAllisters is still running. 

Also, the west side of campus has the stadium. Boom. Living on West Campus gives you quicker and more immediate access to home games than anywhere else.. You could be in bed then get to a game within five minutes. I guess you could watch the football game from the comfort of your unairconditioned dorm room, but I prefer the alternative. West Campus has the baseball stadium too if that’s your thing.

Speaking of sports, west side of campus has the Student Recreation Center. If you like running, basketball, weightlifting or rock climbing, it’s all there. The SRC is probably one of the nicest facilities on campus. It’s clean, filled with everything you would want in an indoor gym and just a short hike from all the west residence halls.

With the exception of game days, west side of campus is quieter too. Living next to the student union may seem nice until you realize that hundreds of people walk by every day right outside your window. Most of the time, West Campus is eerily silent, which is a positive in my book. It feels more peaceful and removed from the hustle and bustle of the main campus.

Look, freshmen don’t even get to decide where they live. But let’s set the record straight, if you get placed on West Campus, you won the draw. West Campus is cleaner, quieter, nicer and has all the best recreation.