North Carolina surpasses 2 million votes so far in 2020 election

Moss Brennan, Reporter

North Carolina voters have nearly tripled the voter turnout so far in 2020. The state surpassed 2 million votes Tuesday afternoon — 1.3 million more than the 700,000 votes at this time in 2016. 

As of Wednesday morning, nearly 2.2 million people have cast their votes. 

“I’m just as pleased as I can be to report to you all that North Carolinians are voting in record numbers throughout the state,” said Damon Circosta, chair of the state board of elections. 

The 2,179,557 votes cast so far in the 2020 election make up nearly 30% of registered North Carolina voters. In 2016, just under 69% of registered voters in North Carolina voted. 

In Watauga County, a little over 29.3% of the 44,913 registered voters in the county have voted so far. 

The 13,143 votes cast so far in Watauga County make up 43.4% of the total votes cast in the county in 2016. The total includes all in person early votes and absentee ballots. 

The 2020 turnout is also outpacing the 2018 primary election. By this time in 2018, Watauga County Director of Elections Matt Snyder said the total through four days of early voting was 5,381. 

The first four days of 2020 early voting has seen 7,926 voters. 

Here’s a breakdown of how each party is turning out: